Serving the Bristol Muslim community since 1982


BTIT Sunday Islamic School been dedicated to raising the standard of Islamic Education in Bristol. From very simple beginnings, BTIT Sunday Islamic School has grown in size over the years with the vast support received from the local Bristol community. Besides the Sunday Islamic School, BTIT provides numerous educational and community based services.


The school is currently composed of 24 classes, which range from Reception Class through to Year 10. With over 500 pupils whose ages’ range from 4 years through to 16 years and is run and supported by approximately 80 volunteers BTIT has grown from very humble beginnings.


The diversity of BTIT is well reflected in both of its staff and pupils with individuals and families from the Indian subcontinent, Somalia, Malaysia, South Africa and the Middle East.

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BTIT Sunday Islamic School is BTIT’s flagship service which is based at the City Academy Bristol.

The Sunday School primarily supports Muslim children aged 4yrs - 16yrs, young people and parents. With the aid of our dedicated volunteers, we aim to deliver an Islamic Studies curriculum in the English language to meet the demands and needs of our younger generation. BTIT Sunday Islamic School runs classes on Sundays from 9:30am - 12:30pm based at the City Academy Bristol, BS5 9JH.

We have 24 classes ranging from Reception to Year 10.

What our Students Learn

  •   Day to day Islamic Practices
  •   Islamic Beliefs and Values
  •   Islamic Morals and Etiquettes
  •   Charity and Unity
  •   Memorising & Understanding Short Verses of the Glorious Qur’an
  •   Sports and Physical Education
  •   Understanding Our Social Responsibilities as Muslims
  •   Respecting and Understanding other Faiths and Religions
  •   Focus, Confidence and Ambition


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