This fundraiser is closed, Alhumdolillah the land has been purchased and boundary wall has been built

In our community, 6 years ago we leased a land for five years and built a small temporary masjid, our leased contract with the land owner already ended last year, but alhamdulillah by our daw’ah Allah subhanahu wa taala guided the land owner and his whole family, so they are not asking us to shift our masjid immediately to elsewhere but since this is not our land we have to shift and build a permanent masjid in a permanent land.

Considering this we purchased a land adjecent to our temporary masjid 3 years back, the cost of the land is £8800, Alhamdulillah from our personal savings and by the help of some kind brothers we have already managed to pay to the land owner, and still we need to pay remaining plus we need extra £2000 for the land registry and assessment cost including boundary wall Total £8500k.

Masjid Restoration Project 

We are a small reverted Muslim community here in Victoria, Oriental Mindoro province, Philippines. Alhamdulillah by the help of Allah (swt) we have built a small Muslim community in a Christian majority area, where we have built a small Masjid on a leased land. We are involved in daw’ah work with the existing catholic ‘Christian’ community around us, inviting them towards Islam, alhamdulillah by the will of Allah many already have reverted to Islam.

Recently we have been badly affected by a devastating twin typhoon, which caused huge damages in our island (Mindoro) and some other neighboring islands. Our community Masjid has been badly affected, half of the roof has been torn by the powerful winds, besides electrical systems  and furnitures also damaged. We badly need to repair our current Masjid and need emergency support for our orphans, so my respected brother if you could kindly spread your hands of support would be a great help. Jazzak’Allah khair.

Project objectives :

  1. After purchasing the land if we are able to build a permanent masjid, our community Muslims will be able to perform 5 times salat including jumuah.
  2. This masjid will be used as daw’ah center where we will be able to invite non Muslims in order to convey them the message of Islam.
  3. It will be used as a Muslim community Center and the center for various charitable and humanitarian works.

Beneficiaries :

A total number of 6 households comprising of 35 reverted Muslims including 9 orphan children and the future reverted muslims of this area will be benefitted, they will have a permanent place for performing daily 5 times payers, including jumuah salat, orphans will have a place for daily Halaqa and learning Qur’an and it will be a center and milestone of Islam in the center of a fully non-Muslims municipality.

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