Student Application Process

An application fee is charged for new applications as follows:

  1. Child Application £ 3.99 GBP
  2. Children Application £ 7.98 GBP
  3. Children Application £ 11.97 GBP
  4. Children Application £ 15.96 GBP
  5. Children Application £ 19.95 GBP

What is the Tuition Cost?
BTIT is a registered charity and provides a cost-effective service. BTIT charges each family a reasonable and affordable monthly donation to ensure it is affordable for all families and simultaneously ensuring that BTIT can sustain its services. Monthly donations per family range from £30 – £60 per month depending on the number of children attending per family. At the induction stage, we charge a one-off admin fee of £10 per family.

In addition, parents are required to purchase a set of syllabus books for each child annually. Syllabus book sets cost between £25 – £50 per child. (Donation amounts, admin fees and book costs are subject to change. BTIT reserves the right to increase or decrease the amounts.)

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