This water well was installed long back by a Christian family, by their permission we laid down underground pipe and connected our electric water pump with it, but recently the owner of the water well is asking us to install our own water supply system and disconnect our electric water pump from their water well.

But we requested them to give us some time as we have no funds for this, installing an water well for pure drinking water is expensive, it cost around £1250-£1500, as pure drinking water layer is very deep, sometimes need to drill 200 ft down to reach the exact water layer, besides the underground soil is full of stones so the installation company charges big amount to do the drilling.

Project objectives :

  1. Provide safe drinking water for our small Muslim community
  2. Provide sufficient water supply to our community vegetable garden.
  3. To remove hardships from our women fetching water from long distance for their laundry and to save their modesty and dignity as when they go out to fetch the water from outside, they are exposed to surrounding non Muslims society.

Beneficiaries :

A total number of 6 households comprising of a population of 35 including 9 orphan children will be benefited from this water supply system, it will be the source of their pure drinking water and household use as well as gardening.

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