Background of the BTIT ‘Water is Life’ Project

The pupils and staff of BTIT Sunday Islamic School believe that funding water projects in the needy area can change people’s lives by unlocking the potential of an entire community. Providing access to clean, safe water helps capable and determined people realise the hope they have for their own future.  

Access to clean water improves Health, Education, Hunger and Poverty. It also helps women folks find more time to care for their families instead of spending several hours each day fetching water. We believe this provides increased opportunities for women and young people. 

Current BTIT Water projects

Pakistan water well

Pakistan Shallow water well with hand pump.


1-2 households + livestock

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Bangladesh water well

Bangladesh shallow water well with hand pump.


11 households + livestock

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Africa water well

Africa deep water community well.


Small village with 300+ households or 2000 people and their animal stock

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Current Total


All donations are send directly to water project without any overhead. Current water well distribution data:


2 community well


28 wells


29 wells

Pervious BTIT Water projects

This water well was installed by BTIT for Muslim community in Oriental Mindoro province, Philippines.


A total number of 6 households comprising of a population of 35 including 9 orphan children will be benefited from this water supply system, it will be the source of their pure drinking water and household use as well as gardening.

BTIT has also funded and installed over 200 water pumps and wells in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Somalia.