Appeal target £35,000


Not Zakah Eligible

The project seeks to raise the standard of living of 19 war-affected orphans in Sana’a by providing integrated care, including health, nutrition, education, recreational activities and psychological support.

The cost of the project is £35,000 for one year to be implemented during the period from Ramadan 2022 to Ramadan 2023. The objective of this project is to contribute to the building of future generations that can develop themselves and build their communities, by enhancing their abilities and potential to have a clear impact.

Our Vision

We envision a generation of highly qualified leaders who are motivated by revelation, grounded in truth, and eager to act and make a positive difference to their communities.

Our Mission

We seek to pursue our vision by sharing our values, engaging the Ummah, providing high-quality education, and developing a new generation of principled leaders.


  1. Build leadership skills for orphans to play a role in building and improving society. 
  2. Provide opportunities for orphans in areas suitable for their creativity.


  1. Empower a new generation to assume a leadership role in the development of Yemen.
  2. Train orphans on basic skills that responds to the market needs.
  3. Offer scholarships for the underprivileged orphans.
  4. Give orphans a level of financial sufficiency so that they do not have to seek help from another person.
  5. Provide health and psychological care to ensure their growth without suffering from physical or psychological diseases.

Not Zakah Eligible

BTIT have sponsored over 20 orphans and students in India, Iraq and Pakistan