Appeal target £60,000


Building Project: Masjid Al-Furqan and International Daw’ah Centre
Location: Oriental Mindoro province, Philippines

Almost seven years ago from the humble begining Muslim community leased a land and built a small temporary Masjid as a place of worship and over the years the Masjid has became a focal point of the community.

The leased contract with the landowner ended last year but the landowner agreed to extend the lease to end of July 2021. Alhamdulillah, a land adjacent to the temporary Masjid was purchased last year and a boundary wall was constructed. For further information please see BTIT Masjid Land Appeal Fundraiser

Alhumdolillah, by the will of Allah (SWT) the laying the foundation and casting of the 10 pillars has started with the beginning of this Ramadan 2021.

My dear brothers and sisters this is your chance to be part of this sadka a jayria project where we are laying the foundation in building a Masjid and a Daw’ah Center to propagate the dean of Allah (SWT). BTIT relies on your support to carry out its activities and I am sure with your continuous support and overwhelming generosity we will in shaa Allah achieve our target of £60,000 in no time.

Javed Yousuf – Strategic Manager Charity Projects

Project objectives:

  1. After completion of the Masjid, Muslims community will have their own space and be able to perform 5 times salat including Jumuah.
  2. This Masjid will be used as a Daw’ah Center where invitation to non Muslims will be extended in order to convey them to the message of Islam.
  3. It will be used as a Muslim Community Center and the center for various charitable and humanitarian works.


A total number of 55 reverted Muslims and a number of orphan children and the future reverted Muslims of this island will benefit, they will have a permanent place for performing daily 5 times payers, including jumuah salat, sisters and children including orphans will have a place for daily Halaqa and learning Qur’an and it will be a center and milestone of Islam in the center of a fully non-Muslims municipality.

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