BTIT Sunday Islamic School

BTIT Sunday Islamic School is BTIT’s flagship service which is based at the City Academy Bristol. The Sunday School primarily supports Muslim children aged 4yrs – 16yrs, young people and parents.

With the aid of our dedicated volunteers, we aim to deliver an Islamic Studies curriculum in the English language to meet the demands and needs of our younger generation. We have 25 classes ranging from Reception to Year 10.

BTIT also works with other major UK Charities to raise funds to support disadvantaged Muslims around the world

What our Students Learn

  • Day to Day Islamic Practices
  • Islamic Beliefs and Values
  • Islamic Morals and Etiquettes
  • Charity and Unity
  • Lives of Prophets and Seerah of Our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
  • Memorising and Understanding Short Verses of the Glorious Qur’an
  • Sports and Physical Education
  • Understanding Our Social Responsibilities as Muslims
  • Respecting and Understanding other Faiths and Religions
  • Focus, Confidence and Ambition

School Timings

Our School day starts at 9:30am and ends at 12:30pm. During the 3 hours of school time, students are taught a variety of lessons in a classroom setting. Each class also has a dedicated 30minutes – 45 minutes Sports and Physical Education lesson.

Students are required to be in their classrooms for 9:20am for registration and parents are required to be pick their children up at 12:30pm. We run shorter Sessions During the Month of Ramadan which start at 10:00am and finish at 12:30pm. 

Our Sunday Islamic School runs for 35 – 40 Sundays annually. We close during the summer and December Holidays and we have occasional closures during the year for Eid Celebrations and to allow for other events organised by City Academy Bristol.

Uniform & Dress Code

At the BTIT Sunday Islamic School we do not have a formal school uniform as we are only a one day a week school. We do however expect a dress code to be followed.

Girls’ Uniform: Plain Headscarf (Hijab) and Plain black Abaya (Jilbab). This dress code is preferred for girls in year groups; Reception to Year 4. This dress code is compulsory for girls in year groups; Year 5 – Year 10.

Boys’ Uniform: Plain Topi (Kufi) and preferred to wear a plain Qamees/Jubba (Thawb).

Sports Uniform: It is essential for all students to wear trainers, tracksuit bottoms and t-shirts for their sports lessons. These items can be worn under the Jubba or Jilbab or can be brought in a separate PE Bag.

Please Note: Our sports sessions are mixed (boys and girls) for children up to Year 4. Older boys and girls have a segregated sports lesson.

Student Application Process

Parents wishing to send their children to BTIT Sunday Islamic School must complete and submit application forms for each child. Places are offered to children on a first come first served basis. Completing an application form does not guarantee immediate admission.

An application fee is charged for new applications as follows:

  • 1 Child Application = £ 2.99 GBP
  • 2 Children Application = £ 5.99 GBP
  • 3 Children Application = £ 7.49 GBP
  • 4 Children Application = £ 8.99 GBP
  • 5 Children Application = £ 9.99 GBP

All successful applicants are sent offer letters inviting them for an induction process (usually in October or November) to complete any necessary paperwork before they can start school. At the induction stage, we charge a one-off admin fee of £10 per family. This induction fee is charged to cover the additional administrative costs incurred during the induction process.

Disclaimer: Donation amounts, admin fees and book costs are subject to change. BTIT reserves the right to increase or decrease the amounts as required to ensure the financial sustainability of the school.

What is the Tuition Cost?

BTIT is a registered charity and provides a cost-effective service. BTIT charges each family a reasonable and affordable monthly donation to ensure it is affordable for all families and simultaneously ensuring that BTIT can sustain its services. Monthly donations per family range from £25 – £40 per month depending on the number of children per family.

Monthly Costs Per Family Per Month:

  • 1 Child Family = £25.00 per month
  • 2 Children Family = £27.50 per month
  • 3 Children Family = £33.00 per month
  • 4 Children Family = £38.50 per month
  • 5+ Children Family = £40.00 per month

In addition to the above monthly payments, parents are required to purchase a set of syllabus books for each child annually. Syllabus book sets cost between £25 – £50 per child. Please visit our online book store to view or purchase our syllabus books.

Become a Volunteer at BTIT

BTIT for many years has provided services which have benefitted the community. Due to the range of activities we offer, we have a variety of areas which may be of interest to you. You can learn new skills, meet new people and play a positive part in the lives of many young people. You can also choose to Volunteer with us to improve your job prospects by gaining experience or to diversify your C.V.

“Challenge yourself to make a positive difference in your community.”

Volunteering Opportunities:

  • Teaching Islamic Studies and Qur’an
  • Teaching Assistant roles
  • Support Children with Learning Difficulties
  • Sports Coaching
  • Administration and Management
  • First Aid and Safety

If you are considering becoming a volunteer, please complete a volunteer application online and we will get in touch with you to get you started.
Please note: All volunteer applicants aged 18 or over will be subject to an enhanced DBS check as part of our commitment to safeguarding.


BTIT works in partnership with other major UK Charities to raise funds to support disadvantaged Muslims around the world. We involve our service users; students, parents and teachers in the planning and fundraising for all projects we undertake.

At BTIT Sunday Islamic School, we teach our students the importance and benefits of Charity and involve our students in the organisation and delivery of of charity projects.

Examples of our student-led charity projects are:

  • Charity walks (Bristol to Bath)
  • Charity bike ride (Bristol to Bath & Back)
  • Fundraising events based at the BTIT Sunday School
  • Cake sales, food sales, fun days
  • Donation boxes to take home